Prolean Wellness: Lean Protein Nutrition

Prolean Wellness: Lean Protein Nutrition

My first blog post as the newly appointed nutritionist at Prolean Wellness! I am thrilled to be apart of this wonderful team and am even more excited to be helping others achieve their weight loss, health, wellness, and fitness goals. I am extremely passionate about helping others and am here to guide you to make healthy choices that become apart of you so that your diet and healthy habits are a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary, quick fix.

First off, the dynamics of Prolean Wellness’ program is something that I advocate for all and I think that the factors (proper diet and exercise) are going to be key to losing and maintaining weight. Prolean is unique for that we emphasize losing body fat, without compensating for lean muscle tissue. Although you will lose weight on the program, you are not losing muscle (which weighs more than fat). And again, muscle is the key to our metabolism. The more you have, the more you burn.

I am looking forward to the upcoming projects that I have going on here, and truly am passionate about this field. Continue to look here for more blog posts from me,  with inspiration, tips, advice and recipes.

-Meghan Doherty

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