Keep the Weight Off with the Prolean Wellness Maintenance Plan

Keep the Weight Off with the Prolean Wellness Maintenance Plan

Keep the Weight Off with the Prolean Wellness Maintenance Plan

Maintaining your weight loss can be difficult without the proper accountability and guidance in place. Therefore, even after you have reached your weight loss goals, it is important to remember that your journey is not over. In fact, staying healthy and maintaining your ideal weight is a life-long journey that you will need to continually monitor and adjust. For this reason, ProleanWellness offers a long-term maintenance program to help you keep the weight off after we have helped you to shed those pounds in the first place.

What is Included with the Prolean Wellness Maintenance Plan?

The Prolean Wellness Maintenance Plan is personalized in order to give you the tools that you need to continue to live a healthier lifestyle. Features of our Maintenance Plan program include:

• iDXA Body Composition Scans: Depending on your program, you receive an iDXA Body Composition Scan either once or twice per year to help you better monitor your progress.

• Weekly or Bi-Weekly Coaching: We will continue to analyze your food and exercise logs in order to provide you with feedback to help you achieve your goals and maintain your weight loss. This coaching comes in the form of either 15-minute private phone call, a video conference, email support or in-office appointments. You choose the method that is right for you!
• Social Media Support: The program also includes admission into the private Keep It Off Facebook group. This group is only available to Keep It Off members and allows you to make friends with others who are living the Proleanlifestyle. This gives you the perfect forum to ask question, exchange ideas and find the answers you are looking for.
In addition, as a member of the Keep It Off program, you also enjoy a 10 percent discount off of all Prolean nutritional supplements and products. Contact us today to learn more!
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