Recognizing the Signs of Low Vitamin D

Recognizing the Signs of Low Vitamin D

Recognizing the Signs of Low Vitamin D

Did you know that you can be at risk of having low vitamin D levels in your body, even if you spend plenty of time outside and eat foods that are rich in vitamin D? Here is a look at some of the risk factors that may result in low vitamin D levels as well as the signs that your body may need more of this essential vitamin.

Risk Factors for Low Vitamin D

Several different factors can work together to possibly result in a vitamin D deficiency. Some of these include:

  • Routine use of sunscreen
  • Living in an area with high pollution levels
  • Living in a city where the buildings frequently block out sunlight
  • Having higher levels of melanin in your skin, which makes it more difficult to absorb vitamin D

Of course, if you also spend most of your time indoors, you may also be at risk for a vitamin D deficiency.

Recognizing the Signs of Low Vitamin D

While you may not exhibit any symptoms related to vitamin D deficiency, there are several signs and symptoms that are commonly associated with this type of deficiency. These include:

  • General feelings of tiredness
  • Aches and pains
  • Severe pain or weakness in the bones or muscles

You may even develop stress fractures as the result of a vitamin D deficiency, especially in the legs, pelvis and hips.

Diagnosing a Vitamin D Deficiency

To diagnose a vitamin D deficiency, a healthcare professional will need to perform a simple blood test. Your doctor may also want to order X-rays in order to check on the overall condition and strength of your bones.

If you are diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, your doctor will likely recommend that you take vitamin D supplements. Research has shown that vitamin D3 is the best variant within the vitamin D family to assist with improving upon deficiencies. Furthermore, combing vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 helps to assist with the absorption of the vitamin D. With K2PlusD from Prolean Wellness you get both in one supplement. Contact us today to learn more and to take advantage of our current 15 percent off promotion!

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