Staying Strong Through Social Media

Staying Strong Through Social Media

You’re ready.  You’ve planned out your meals, bought some great new running shoes, chanted the mantra of “I’ve got this! I don’t need anyone!  I can do this!”  in your head at least a thousand times.  You’re ready to start your new diet and exercise plan, your new way of life, and you are determined to do it all on your own!  You can’t wait to stun the masses when you emerge from your self-constructed cocoon, a brilliant butterfly of health, the picture of physical fitness.  They’ll all ask your secret, wonder how you managed such a drastic change in a few short weeks!  You’ll smile teasingly back, thinking proudly of your unconquerable self-control and dedication.


Sounds pretty nice, right?  But is this reality?


As much as we all want to believe that our own willpower is strong enough to resist the temptation that the world provides, we all need to own up to the truth.  It’s way easier to cheat on your diet at a party where no one knows you’re trying to be good.  It’s much more tempting to skip a day at the gym without a buddy honking in your driveway to get out the door at 6am.  It’s not a sign of weakness to accept that, as humans, sometimes we need a push of encouragement to do hard things.  The body’s natural reaction is to resist a challenge, and this is why we need each other to overcome that oh-so-inviting urge to be idle.


As dieters, exercisers, goal-setters, fail-ers, and bounce-backers, the team at Prolean Wellness understands the necessity of a good support system.  This is why we have decided to go with the flow of humanity and create a social media network that will be there for YOU all the time.  We’re now up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular social media sites.  We’ve got a blog and website fully dedicated to YOU.   To helping you beat the negativity and discouragement that try to keep you from changing for good.  To giving you motivation and cheering you onward and upward to reach the dreams you have for yourself.  We’ll be at your fingertips, online and wherever you go, with recipes, exercises, testimonials, new ideas, and a lot of love to keep you going strong on your journey, challenging as it may be. 


So check it out!  You can follow us at these sites:



Instagram:  proleanwellness

Facebook:  Prolean Wellness




You can count on us to be there for you, and we know that together, you WILL succeed!


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