Stem Cell Therapy Updates

Stem Cell Therapy Updates

Stem Cell Therapy Updates

Many people have been asking us for more information about our incredible new stem cell therapy options here at Prolean Wellness, so we thought we’d provide you guys with an update on the encouraging positive results our clients have shared with us.

Stem cell therapy has taken off faster than we ever anticipated it could have.

Dr. Dunn has been thrilled to have many people who have suffered for YEARS come to her in hopes of recapturing their quality of life. We’ve been able to work with clients who suffer from knee pain particularly, and one of the most amazing processes is watching, via regular iDEXA scans, how cartilage tissue literally regrows after years of grinding against the bone. The proof is in the scans, and we love helping clients see their bodies heal!

Even better than the physical results have been verbal reports that we receive from our clients. The ability to live pain-free is a gift to many people who assumed they’d deal with chronic aches for the rest of their lives! Each appointment, their praise is reassurance to our staff that therapy with stem cells is well worth the effort of adding a new procedure to our office.

For those who are still unsure about why stem cell therapy is such a big deal or what it even is, here’s a brief recap.

Stem cells, donated voluntarily from umbilical cords after live births, can repair and build tissues, reduce inflammation, and modulate the body’s immune responses. They harness the body’s natural ability to heal and are therefore far more effective than typical therapies. For more information, see

While our stem cell therapy program is still relatively new, we never could have anticipated such spectacular results. If you’re interested in escaping your pain and finally seeing results, don’t wait—call us at (480) 477-6334 or visit to make your appointment today.

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