Success Stories

Jean Tesmer

Lost: 30 lbs
Length: 12 weeks
Out of State Patient
She’s Now Water skiing!!

Francine A.

Lost: 42 pounds
Length: 12 weeks

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Lost: 110 lbs
Started: April 2008
Jeff lost 110 pounds between April 08′ and November of 09′.


Lost: 30 lbs
Started: April 2008
She’s now an easy size 10 and is thinner than she’s ever been (even in high school).


Lost: 30 lbs
Length: 6 weeks
Gretchen lost 30 pounds, averaging 5-6 pounds lost per week!
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Lost: 35 lbs
Length: 4 weeks
Went from 36% body fat to 20%!
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Lost: 22 lbs
Length: 9 weeks
Cindy lost 6 pounds the first week and by the end of the first month, she lost 14 pounds.


Lost: 50+ lbs
Started: January 2009
I had never tried to diet or exercise before, so making this first step toward better health was one I took very seriously.


Lost: 32+ lbs
Length: 12 weeks
I lost 32 pounds in 12 weeks and also lost my reflux and IBS!


Lost: 32+ lbs
Length: 12 weeks
I lost 32 pounds and I feel like a completely new person!