Synergy Weight Loss Program

Introducing the Prolean Synergy Program—an at-home, custom fitness protocol unlike any other. FINALLY!

This revolutionary system includes a special scale that feeds important body composition data to your live personal coach via the Synergy online app.  As you weigh yourself, track your food your food, water, and supplement intake, your data is shared with your personal Prolean Synergy Nutrition Coach, who  monitors your weight and body composition to determine progress. Message back and forth with your coach to have your questions answered.

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The Synergy Program includes:

The Synergy App – Download this app to take full advantage of the Synergy program! It includes a HIPPA-compliant messaging system to communicate with your coach, food, hydration, and sleep logging features, and compatibility with the Synergy Scale!

The Synergy Scale – This scale is bluetooth enabled. It connects to the Synergy App and monitors your body composition, tracking your progress and helping your Synergy coach to monitor your goals!

Comprehensive Lab Tests – Our lab testing and doctor supervision really set Synergy apart from any other program! The tests ensure that you remain healthy and balanced for the duration of the program. The lab includes a standard chemical panel as well as additional tests you won’t find at the average clinic.

Physician Review of Labs – Our highly qualified physician will make specific recommendations for success based on the results of your lab tests. Every plan is customized specifically to the client to ensure you get the very best results!

Nutritional Consultation – Prolean’s staff nutritionist will develop a plan tailored specifically to you. The plan is based only on real food–nothing pre-packaged! Within our Synergy Tracking system, our nutrition coaches will customize the amount of protein you need as you progress so that you’ll continue to lose fat and keep muscle.

Prolean Mito-Kit – A patented and proven revolutionary tool to boost your metabolic burn rate. No stimulants, just more energy, more fat burn, more muscle build, more endurance, and huge anti-aging benefits!

Prolean EDGE – Free up belly fat without excessive stimulants and train your body to produce more HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) and burn fatty acids for fuel.

B-12 Sublingual Drops (Methylcobalamin) – These drops provide a daily boost of energy during the program.

Personal Coach Consultations – These consultations will train you how to eat during program and help you develop a lifestyle that ensures long-term success. These visits can happen either by phone or video call. The Synergy app also allows you to message your coach whenever you have a question about the program and receive prompt responses!

Complete Synergy Program Manual – This book, available for download as a PDF, contains critical information for each phase of your program and a comprehensive recipe library. It also includes a handy glycemic index and custom nutrition information.

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