Take Control of Your Health with Prolean Wellness’s K2PlusD

Take Control of Your Health with Prolean Wellness’s K2PlusD-2

Take Control of Your Health with Prolean Wellness’s K2PlusD

Despite the well-documented benefits of Vitamin D, millions of people are deficient in this important vitamin. At Prolean Wellness, we strive to help your body get the Vitamin D that it needs by combining in with Vitamin K2 with Prolean Wellness’s K2PlusD. By combining these two vitamins into one simple supplement, your body is better capable of absorbing the Vitamin D3 while helping to promote better overall health.

What are the Benefits of Prolean Wellness’s K2PlusD?

Prolean Wellness’s K2Plus D offers a number of health benefits. Some of these include:

  • Supporting bone health by promoting carboxylation of bone proteins – Vitamin K is believed to be necessary for bone mineralization. It may also protect bone integrity. Vitamin K and D share similar characteristics that are believed to allow them to act synergistically in supporting bone health. 
  • Supporting cardiovascular health by affecting the arterial calcium deposits. Research has found that Vitamin K reduces arterial calcium deposits and accumulation. 
  • Supporting blood clotting and offering antioxidant properties. 

How Should I Use Prolean Wellness’s K2PlusD?

To use Prolean Wellness’s K2Plus D, you should take one capsule per day. Generally speaking the supplement should be taken at mealtime, but you should consult with your healthcare practitioner in order to determine when and how often you should take the supplement. You should also be sure to discuss any potential interactions with your healthcare practitioner while also taking into consideration your total vitamin K intake with your food plus your supplements. 

At Prolean Wellness, we want to see you achieve your health and fitness goals. With the help of our K2PlusD supplement, you can be well on your way toward enjoying all of the benefits that these two vitamins provide. Contact us today to learn more about this supplement as well as the other supplements that we have available to help you become a better and healthier version of yourself!

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