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Hurray for FRANCINE in Utah!

Francine completed this program from another state!  She came in to the office once to meet the doctor and nutritionist, but was able to see this great success through weekly phone calls for accountability!  We can help people all over the country!

“I think the most important thing I learned was how to eat healthy.  I learned how to eat the correct portions, and what foods worked best for my body.  I found drinking water has been a key element in my journey to losing weight. I have learned how to change and maintain my lifestyle.  I have learned how to control my eating habits and in doing so I have never felt better. I feel healthy and can be more active on a daily basis.  When I started my weight was 201.6, I have lost 42 pounds in a 12 week period, and I know I will be able to continue to lose weight and feel healthy and happy by following what I have learned these past 12 weeks.  I have lost a total of 48 inches.  When I started I wore a size 18 and now I am down to a size 10.  I feel wonderful!

It was a hard program for me to follow at first, but now it has become easier, and such a rewarding one. I enjoy eating the things I did not like to eat before, and I do not have the cravings that I had before because of the good healthy foods I eat now.  I have a different mindset now, which helps me to want to keep eating healthy.  I love the way I feel and look.  I would recommend this program to anyone.  I have appreciated everyone’s help along the way.  A special thanks to Meghan and her weekly phone calls and encouragement.  Jeff you have an excellent program that has changed my life.”


Francine A front Francine A side Francine A after front Francine A after side