It seems we are bombarded by commercials on television and on the radio with products claiming to boost testosterone levels.  Different companies claim these products will do everything short of turning the average middle aged male into a Greek God.

There is a reason for the focus on testosterone.  Recent studies have found that low testosterone levels can predict and cause obesity and metabolic syndrome – two maladies that lead to a host of other problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance etc.  In fact, low testosterone levels can lead to an estrogen imbalance in men and women (yes, men have estrogen too), which further depletes testosterone levels.  It’s a vicious cycle!!! 

In fact, men with low testosterone had a 65% greater mortality rate! When you throw in low estradial levels too, men had a 96% increase in mortality rate as compared to men in the optimal ranges.

Men don’t have to accept that bulging stomach, that lessened drive, that loss of muscle mass.  Women shouldn’t settle for foggy thinking and the muffin top of flab over their waist line. 

Prolean Wellness offers hormone testing and hormone optimization programs that will bring back that vibrant and svelte you by balancing testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels.   We may not turn you into Zeus, Athena, Hercules or Diana, but then again…

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