The Personal Approach to Weight Loss

The Personal Approach to Weight Loss

The Personal Approach to Weight Loss

I’m part of a group on Facebook where people frequently post about their struggles with weight loss. Men and women beg for ideas, advice, tips…pretty much anything to help them lose the weight that brings them down. The comments on those posts made it clear that there were hundreds of different programs and options available because extra weight is a pretty universal problem. What saddened and frustrated me was the truth: there is no universal answer.

Jumping onboard an exercise regimen or fad diet is not only ineffective, but it can actually be dangerous. All bodies are different, and they needed to be respected as such. Your body has individual requirements based on a variety of factors like your hormones, body composition, activity level, and even the amount of stress in your life. Those requirements will change along with your circumstances. The cool part is that when you’re given the tools to read your body’s cues and adapt to the changes, you can look, feel, and truly be healthy.

Our Physicians and Nutritionists

Dr. Dunn, our resident naturopath at Prolean Wellness, is a wonderful resource because she considers all of the factors I mentioned above before prescribing a wellness plan. By analyzing your bloodwork and guiding your body’s chemistry back to proper alignment, she paves the way for you to achieve physical freedom and success.

Dr. Dunn’s work goes hand-in-hand with Natalie, our incredible nutritionist. Natalie will not only tell you what to eat, but she will ensure you understand why you’re eating it and what effects food will have on your body. She is a wonderful resource for people who were never taught proper nutrition or are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of dietary opinions out there.

If I could respond to every commenter on that Facebook post I mentioned, I would plead with them to stop perpetuating theories that only lead to frustration and disappointment. The only way to find health is to discover your body’s needs and meet them individually.

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