The Skinny on Low-Sugar Fruit

The Skinny on Low-Sugar Fruit

Fruit is good for you, right?  Right!  Fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and healthy, natural sugars.  But, be this as it may, fruits still contain sugar!  This means it’s important for us to choose carefully which fruits we eat, as well as how many!  Looking for some fruits with high taste and low sugar count?  Here’s a list for you!

Blueberries:  15 grams of sugar in a whole cup of blueberries make them a super choice.  Blueberries are high in antioxidants, can improve your memory, and are nice and low on the glycemic index.  Fresh or frozen, temperature has no effect on the benefits of these yummy bites.

Raspberries:  With only 5 grams of sugar in a cup of raspberries, it’s easy to see why this fruit made the list.  Raspberries have tons of health benefits!  They’re full of antioxidant phytonutrients, which lower oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and alter the development or reproduction of cancer cells.  Raspberries increase metabolism in fat cells by increasing enzyme activity, oxygen consumption, and heat production in certain types of fat cells, which makes it less likely for our bodies to deposit fat there.

Blackberries:  At 7 grams of sugar per cup, these are also “berry” good for you!  Consumption helps tighten tissues, keeping you looking younger without surgical help.  They keep your brain alert and aid your memory as well! Their high tannin content helps out the digestive tract, reducing inflammation, alleviating hemorrhoids, and soothing the effects of diarrhea.  Blackberries are rich in Vitamin K, which serves as a muscle relaxant as well.

Strawberries:  Like blackberries, strawberries only have 7 grams of sugar per cup.  And they’re loaded with so much other good stuff as well!  Strawberries are known to help burn stored fat, boost short-term memory, ease inflammation and lower cardiovascular disease, promote bone and eye health, and help with weight loss.  They prevent esophageal cancer AND have anti-aging properties as well.  Only love, my friends.  Only love.

Apples:  An apple a day…not a bad idea!  A medium-sized apple has only 10 grams of sugar with loads of health benefits.  Apples have tons of soluble fiber, which reduces intestinal disorders, controls insulin levels, and cleans and detoxifies the blood.  It lowers the risk of respiratory diseases and helps you lose weight, all while being an excellent source of vitamins C and A, flavonoids, and potassium.

Grapefruit:  Grapefruits are real great-foods for keeping sugar levels down with only 8 grams per serving!  They help you feel full and satisfied long-term, which helps fight those cravings.  They also  can fight off the nasty effects of a cold with high doses of vitamin C.  The flavonoids contained in grapefruit lower cholesterol to protect your heart, and lycopene (which gives grapefruit its pink color) combats your body’s cell aging, keeping you as fresh-looking as you feel!

We at Prolean Wellness hope that this guide helps make it a bit easier to know which fruits to grab at the grocery store when you’re looking to lose!

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