Exploring Your Body’s Three Forms of Immunity

Exploring Your Body’s Three Forms of Immunity

Exploring Your Body’s Three Forms of Immunity

Did you know that your body actually has three different types of immunity? By knowing more about these three different types of immunity, you can better understand how to boost your immunity while also having a better understanding of what can potentially go wrong with your immune system.

Innate Immunity

Innate immunity is the type of immune protection that you are born with, including your skin and mucous membranes. As such, your innate immunity is your body’s first line of defense as they prevent harmful substances from entering your body. 

Active Immunity

Also referred to adaptive immunity, your active immunity is a type of immunity that develops after your body has been infected or vaccinated against a foreign substance. Typically, active immunity is form of immunity that lasts for a very long time. In fact, it frequently lasts your entire life. 

Passive Immunity

Passive immunity occurs when you receive antibodies to a disease rather than making them with your own immune system. Newborn babies, for example receive antibodies from their mothers. You may also get passive immunity through blood products that contain antibodies. While passive immunity does provide you with immediate protection, that protection generally lasts only a few weeks or months. 

In some cases, you may also have an immune response even when no real threat exists. These types of immune responses are what are often responsible for allergies, asthmatic reactions and autoimmune diseases. In the case of an autoimmune disease, your immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells. On the other hand, you may also suffer from an immunodeficiency disease, which means you are more susceptible to becoming ill and your infections may last longer, be more serious and be harder to treat than with other people. Certain diseases, such as HIV, can also have a negative impact on your immune system. To learn more about your immune system and how you can get it to run as smoothly as possible, contact Prolean Wellness today!

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