Tips for Adding MCT Oil to Your Daily Diet

Tips for Adding MCT Oil to Your Daily Diet

Tips for Adding MCT Oil to Your Daily Diet

Medium-chain triglyceride, or MCT, oil is a popular supplement for aiding in fat loss and increasing energy. This is because MCTs are a kind of saturated fat that is absorbed directly by the liver after it has been digested. While in the liver, the fats are quickly converted to ketones, after which they are sent to cells that need them for energy. There are a few different ways you can get MCTs in your diet. Here is a look at your options.

Take it Like Medicine

One option is to simply take your MCT oil directly from a spoon in the same way you would take medicine. This gets the oil in your system as quickly as possible, but some people are not a fan of the texture when taken this way.

Added to Coffee of Tea

MCT oil can also be added to coffee of tea. When adding to your favorite beverage, it is best to mix with a blender rather than a spoon because it may otherwise leave an oil slick at the top of your drink. 

Blended Into Shakes or Smoothies

If you don’t like the idea of blending your coffee or tea, consider adding MCT oil to your shakes or smoothies. The oil will also make your shake or smoothie thicker and richer.

Include it in Guacamole

You can add a little guacamole to your salad, but add your MCT oils to the avocados before you mash them up. As an added bonus, the texture of your guacamole will also become smoother, particularly if your avocado isn’t quite ripe.

Added to Dinner

Finally, you can add the oil to your meal by simply drizzling a little over your dinner. Or, use the oil for cooking in low to medium temperatures when sautéing vegetables. Including MCT oil with your meals will help to decrease the amount that your blood sugar and insulin levels spike after your meal while also helping to reduce cravings.

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