Tips for Preventing Boredom Eating

Preventing Boredom Eating

Tips for Preventing Boredom Eating

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As many people are quarantining at home, boredom has become a real issue. Not only is boredom problematic in terms of maintaining your mental health, but boredom often leads to overeating. So, what can you do when it comes to preventing boredom eating during these times of boredom?

Tip #1: Entertain Yourself

Clearly, the easiest way to prevent eating out of boredom is to find ways to entertain yourself so you are not so bored. This is obviously more difficult to do now than it typically has been in the past, but it is still possible. Consider learning a new hobby, complete that house remodeling project, go for a walk, talk to your friends through virtual video chat, do some journaling or get in some yoga practice. Anything to keep your mind occupied.

Tip #2: Drink Water

If you find yourself starting to reach for a bag of chips out of boredom, reach for a glass of water instead. This will give your hands and mouth something to do without adding unnecessary calories to your diet. This will also help to keep your body hydrated and your mind alert.

Tip #3: Create a Wait Time

If you think you are hungry for a snack, create a rule that requires you to wait a half an hour before you can eat it. If you are still hungry for it, eat only a small amount to satisfy your craving. More than likely, however, you will find that you don’t even want it anymore. 

Tip #4: Find an Alternative Snack

Even better, rather than indulging in the snack you were initially craving, find an alternative snack that is healthy to eat. If you are craving chips, for example, eating vegetables will give you that satisfying crunch that you need. On the other hand, fruit is a good alternative if you are craving snack foods that are sweet.

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