Using HCG – Horror Stories and Happy Endings

HCG – Horror Stories and Happy Endings

Using HCG – Horror Stories and Happy Endings

A quick Google search will tell you that hCG is a controversial weight loss method.

There are reputable sites who decry it as unhealthy, unsustainable, and dangerous, while other people rave about their undeniable success with the product.

Here’s the truth. hCG can be an incredible asset to your weight loss journey. It can prevent you from feeling hungry, and it DOES boost your metabolism. However, the typical restrictive diet that comes along with the hCG diet is HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND INEFFECTIVE. You will see the numbers drop on the scale. It will not be a good thing. Here’s why.

The rapid weight loss resulting from the average hCG diet is not healthy, and is the direct result of eating only 500 calories a day. The weight that you lose will not only be fat either. You’ll drop large amounts of muscle as well, making it a snap for all those pounds to come back as soon as the diet is over.

Jeff, one of the owners of Prolean Wellness, can attest to this. He tried the hCG diet years ago and lost 47 pounds in six weeks. He also lost 17 pounds of muscle, felt hungry and irritable, and soon put the weight back on. He realized the hCG can be a valuable tool to kickstart a health journey, but it MUST be used under doctor supervision and in conjunction with other sustainable weight loss methods.

First, the 500 calorie idea is total bunk. Your body needs to be fed! Prolean Wellness instead advocates a diet that eliminates harmful things like sugar and processed carbs, but encourages all the healthy greens and low-glycemic veggies you can handle. Your doctor and nutritionist will make it a personal priority that your body’s caloric requirements are properly met and that your muscle mass is sustained throughout the process.

The happy thing is that Jeff’s bad experience with hCG led to a really good one—establishing Prolean Wellness and helping people avoid desperate and unhealthy attempts to lose weight.

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