Vitamin D the new miracle!

Vitamin D the new miracle!

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Vitamin D the new miracle! Dr. Michael Holick, M.D., PHD. Widely recognized for his research on Vitamin D asserts “Vitamin D deficiency is the most prominent malady that exists on the planet today.”

Vitamin D is not a vitamin but a hormone. Multiple scientific studies have shown a link between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer, multiple sclerosis, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, rickets in children, depression, schizophrenia, diabetes types 1 and 2, arthritis and generalized aches and pains sometimes diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? 

Many of you may remember cod liver oil, given to us on a teaspoon as a child, as an awful experience! Today, most of us take Vitamin D as a capsule or tablet but those of us with malabsorption problems or thyroid disease may still not be getting enough. Dr. Holick does not recommend screening everyone but if you are pregnant, obese, elderly, have osteopenia or osteoporosis, deeper skin pigmentation or malabsorption disorders such as gluten insensitivity, you should ask your doctor to check your 25 hyroxy vitamin D levels. Levels should be greater than 30ng/ml. If you are hypothyroid, levels should be higher, closer to 100ng/ml. Vitamin D2 is as effective as Vitamin D3. For most of us a daily dose of 2000 IU is adequate. It is as effective to take 14,000 IU once a week as 2000 IU daily, as it is stored in body fat.

For those of us who do not absorb it well the best source of Vitamin D is still the sun. Twenty minutes of body exposure excluding the face and hands gives us a huge 20,000 IU ( a 10 day supply). Interestingly you cannot become intoxicated from Vitamin D made in the skin by sun exposure but you can take too many pills. The Vitamin D made in the skin by exposure to sunlight has a longer half life in the blood so it is more effective at the cellular level.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked in multiple studies to an increased risk for breast, colorectal, prostate, and ovarian carcinoma. So please, take your Vitamin D and calcium to protect your bones and prevent breast cancer at the same time! Talk to your physician about the right dose for you.

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