What’s Really Making You Sad

What’s Really Making You Sad

Numbers of people with depression are on a definite rise these days, according to researchers’ counts. But what is the reasoning behind this startling diagnosis? Why, in a time when technology and comfort have never been so accessible, are people struggling to combat the negative thoughts and feelings pervading their minds? We know that this is a real issue. Depression isn’t one of those things that gets better if you “rub some dirt on it” and ignore the problem. The traditional cures have been counseling and medication…but is there something more to it? Are these techniques really treating the root of the problem, or simply its effects?

New studies have come about with evidence that depression can be linked to inflammation. Inflammation is a protective response prompted by various triggers—injuries, infections, foreign compounds—but also by things like high-sugar diets, obesity, and diets high in trans-fats. When inflammation sets in, the body pumps vast amounts of proteins through itself. One of these is cytokines, a class of protein that facilitates intercellular communication. When in large quantities, it can seriously throw off a person’s hormonal balance and thus cause depression. This means that the real source of all these problems could not necessarily be in our minds, but in our mouths.

Researchers and doctors are now experimentally treating patients that have depression for inflammation first, to see if it yields any results. And it has! How miraculous would it be if the studies prove the answer to be tried-and-true healthy living? Feeding your body correctly, exercising regularly, and losing excess weight are the best cures to overcome this debilitating epidemic. At Prolean Wellness, we can help you discover which foods may be causing these reactions and what is needed to keep your body feeling healthy and happy. The correlation between the rise in obesity and in depression is far too strong to be simply coincidence—fighting the former could combat the latter.

Want to learn more on this topic? Check out the article at this address: http://www.feelguide.com/2015/01/06/new-research-discovers-tha-depression-is-an-allergic-reaction-to-inflammation/


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