Why Keep It Off

Why Keep It Off

Ever tried to run up an escalator that’s going downwards?  It’s probably a great workout, but it’s not very effective for someone with a destination in mind.  Why not?  Because you can only progress if you try your hardest to move forward.  Now, why on earth would we be talking about this on a weight-loss blog?


 I know how it feels to be at the bottom of the escalator. It’s a long way up, and the opposition in constant.  It’s just like stepping onto the scale, or trying on a pair of jeans, and realizing just how far away your fitness goals are.  They seem impossible to reach, and each step closer comes with its own challenges and temptations.  However, the day that you decided to make a change in your life, you stepped onto the escalator and took the initiative to reach the top.  Was it hard?  Most likely.  But you kept going!  You switched up your diet, your routines, and your lifestyle—determined to conquer and reach that last step at the very top.


You did it.  You got there, and you were able to look back and see how far you’d come.  It was a pretty impressive sight, and you felt a well-deserved sense of pride and satisfaction! But then the thought came to your mind, “Well, now what?”


Remember now, you’re still on that escalator.  Even though you might feel victorious and on top of the world, it’s still moving down.  So what will happen to you?  You’d better believe that if you don’t keep moving forward, even though it may be much smaller steps than before, you’ll be headed right back to where you started.  There is no such thing as standing still.


 See, this is a predicament that all of us face, especially after making a big change for the better.  As soon as we get comfortable, we lose our momentum and find ourselves slipping into the same old habits again.  The bad foods creep back into our diets, the jeans get tight again, and if we aren’t careful, we’re looking at a whole lot of stairs to climb.


This is why at Prolean Wellness, we have created the Keep It Off program.  This is designed specifically to help you continue progressing even after the “hard part” is over.  Unlike most weight-loss programs, we won’t drop you as soon as you drop the weight.  Keep It Off provides you with access to coaching staff, chat room support, and food and exercise logs to help you keep on track with your fitness goals.  It also comes with bi-annual iDXA scans and 10% off of all nutritional supplements and products to help you take care of the body you’ve worked so hard to earn.


Now, for a personal touch.  As someone who has had a pretty strenuous health journey, I can definitely vouch for the validity and worth of this program.  Seven years after losing 40 pounds, I can proudly say that I’ve never gone back, and it was thanks to the components of this program, Keep It Off.   Professional, honest support makes all the difference, as do regular scans from the iDXA that let me know how I’m doing and what I need to change.  Through daily accountability, a healthy diet and exercise program are simply part of my life.  Keeping it off takes effort, but it is so worth it!


Don’t let yourself slide back down that escalator.  You’ve come so far!  Continue making the little steps and don’t go back—Keep It Off!


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