Why Take MCT Oil?

Why Take MCT Oil?

MCTs are a kind of saturated fat that is absorbed directly by the liver after it is digested. In the liver, these fats are quickly converted into ketones and sent to the cells that require them for energy. This means that MCT Oil is the perfect supplement for cardio training and athletes!braden-collum-87874-unsplash

There are a variety of ways to get in your MCTs, and here are a few of our favorites:

  • Straight from a spoon. If you can handle the texture, taking MCT oil directly is a wonderful way to get nutrients and ketones into your system as quickly as possible.733739021991-1
  • Blended into coffee or tea. For an extra boost, add MCT oil into your favorite beverage. The best way to add MCT oil is to use a blender, not just a spoon. Just stirring the oil in with a spoon will leave an oil slick on the top of the drink.emre-gencer-364602-unsplash
  • Added to guacamole. While it’s important not to overdo the amount of fats that you have in one setting, you can start adding a little guac to your favorite salad! A great way to get in your MCT oils is to add them to the avocados before they’re mashed up. The texture becomes smoother, especially if the avocado isn’t quite ripe yet.glen-carrie-339678-unsplash
  • Drizzled over dinner. Just in case you can’t stomach MCT oil from the spoon or in your coffee, try adding it to other food that will be in your stomach at the same time. Along with adding in necessary ketones to your diet, MCT oil also decreases the amount that your blood sugar and insulin levels spike after a meal AND reduces cravings!sara-dubler-584433-unsplash
  • Blended into shakes or smoothies. Similar to coffee, adding MCT oil to shakes makes them thicker, richer, and energy boosting. It creates a protein serving that is high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates!element5-digital-500002-unsplash
  • Used to sauté vegetables. MCT oil can be used for cooking in low to medium temperatures. You can also add it to other fats that you use for cooking, such as butter or olive oil.nick-nice-631571-unsplash


For more tips and answers about MCT oil, give our office a call! We love the product and want to help you utilize it for max results!

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