Why Try Stem Cells?

Why Try Stem Cells?

Why Try Stem Cells?

If you suffer from chronic pain or illness, or if you know someone who does, you’ve probably done a significant amount of Google searching to figure out ways to alleviate that suffering. You’ve likely come across stem cell therapy, but maybe you’re not sure exactly how they work, how they help, or how you can access them.

Stem Cell Potential

By studying stem cells, scientists and doctors have made significant leaps in understanding the following:

  • Why and how diseases occur
  • How to produce healthy cells in place of diseased cells
  • How to repair cellular damage
  • How to improve transplant and regenerative medicine

What that Means for You

Many people can potentially benefit from stem cell therapies, especially those who suffer from spinal cord injury, joint or knee pain, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, or any kind of inflammation. When you use our Biogenix stem cells, you have access to top-of-the line, ethically harvested umbilical cord cells that quickly reduce inflammation levels and effectively eliminate pain.

So what does a life without chronic pain look like to you? For some of our clients, stem cell therapy has given them back abilities that many people take for granted—things as simple as tying a shoe without excruciating pain. The quality of life improvement is astounding when people are no longer controlled by pain.

How You Can Access the Relief of Stem Cell Therapy

At Prolean Wellness, you can access the healing, restorative power of stem cell therapy with rapid results. Stem cell therapy should always be done under doctor supervision, so our clients meet with Dr. Dunn, one of the pioneer physicians in the field. After discuss your particular issues, together, you and Dr. Dunn will create a plan that works within your time frame, budget, and health goals. Your entire process will be closely monitored and adjusted as needed.

For more information, check out https://www.proleanwellness.com/stem-cell-therapy/ or call (480) 477-6334 to discuss your options with a representative today.

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