Why Wait to Lose the Weight?

Why Wait to Lose the Weight?

The best part of the year is finally here!  Parties, decorations, presents, and treats make the next few months everyone’s favorites.  But what exactly is it about ushering the chilly weather in that kicks our willpower right out the door?  Why is it that we take all of our good habits—10 whole months’ worth—and send them on holiday for the last 2 months?  Well, this year, we at Prolean Wellness are determined to help you keep strong during the season and show you why it’s best to make resolutions NOW.

–  Starting today will give you a completely different holiday mindset.   If you can remember the great things that you’re doing , like the healthy choices you make and the exercises you do, it will help you not to worry so much about overeating.  Making fitness a habit now will make it harder to overindulge later.

– You won’t be paying the price come January!  Those who make New Year’s resolutions usually gain about 10 pounds during the holidays.  If you can  stick it out and be strong through the months, you will have a lot less recovery work to do at the gym when the new year rolls around.

–  It will help you learn to do hard things.  Ever thought about what a challenge it is to have self-control this time of year?  It’s definitely not easy.  But just imagine what a confidence booster it will be when you can think back on this special time of year without the guilt and extra weight.  Realizing that you can do hard things will propel you into the new year the right way, and give you the confidence to conquer other projects and challenges.

– Exercise gives a little “wiggle room.”  If you have a great fitness routine, family parties and friendly get-togethers become a little less daunting.  You can feel good knowing that you burned off the calories (paid in advance, even), and can afford to enjoy yourself.  Within reason, of course!  Familiarity with a routine will also remind you of how hard you have worked to achieve your fitness goals and if the splurge really is worth it.

–  You can set better goals!  Really, the whole “lose weight this year” goal gets pretty old.  Why not make it unnecessary? If you already have a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be free to set about conquering other hurdles of life—traveling, reading more books, spending more time with family—and less time worrying about the size of your jeans.

– Your body does not care what day it is.  It doesn’t know if today is August 15th, March 27th, or January 1st.  It needs to be taken care of today.  Fitness goals don’t need to be a looming date of dread in the future.  They should start now because our bodies deserve to be treated correctly ALL THE TIME.  So let’s get going!

We hope that these tips are motivation enough to drive that procrastinating mindset far, far away.  Honestly, who even came up with that waiting game?  The time to start progress is now, because if not, you have everything to gain (back) and a whole lot to lose come January.  So let’s ditch the wait and drop the weight!

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