Your Guide to Prolean Synergy

Your Guide to Prolean Synergy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people about what we do at Prolean Wellness and they say, “Oh my gosh, my dad needs that ASAP,” or “Wow, my cousin in Oklahoma would love this!” I know! Everyone needs this thing!

Here at Prolean Wellness, we are Problem Solvers. We let nothing stand in the way of greatness for our clients! Not even distance!

Your Guide to Prolean Synergy

This is why we created *dramatic pause* Synergy.

“Now, that’s a funny word,” you might be thinking. And yes, dear reader, it might be. But Synergy is a program that takes the key factors of the Elite Program and combines them with long-distance success tools to create a program that works wherever you are!

Let me walk you through it:

  1. You sign up for the program online. If a friend refers you, they get some major perks and so do you! More to come on that later.Your Guide to Prolean Synergy
  2. We send out a chem panel to you via email. You take this to any Quest Diagnostics lab (they are seriously everywhere) and ask the to run the tests on you. All lab work is included in the program.Your Guide to Prolean Synergy
  3. We ship you the Synergy Package. This box of goodness includes the Synergy Scale and Tracker, a Prolean Mito-Kit, and a bottle of Prolean Edge.Your Guide to Prolean Synergy
  4. You’re recommended to a Synergy Personal Wellness Coach. Your coach is the one who will help you set up your Scale, Tracker, and App, the one who will help determine your protein requirements, and the one who will work with you to establish your fitness goals. He or she will be on hand to answer any questions throughout the entire process. (This is one of my favorite parts of the program!)Your Guide to Prolean Synergy
  5. After your lab results are sent back to Prolean, they’ll be analyzed by our on-staff physician, who really knows her stuff. She can make recommendations about any supplements you need to take and any issues that might require further doctor supervision.Your Guide to Prolean Synergy
  6. Sync your scale and tracker up with your Synergy App! The app definitely requires its own post, which I’ll be sure to write. Just know for now that the Synergy App takes the info from your scale and gives you accurate readings of your lean tissue mass, your body fat percentage, your hydration levels, etc. It uses all that data to create charts and map your progress! So cool!Your Guide to Prolean Synergy
  7. Now, you follow the program. Eat right, do the exercises, take the supplements, log your data, talk to your coach, and watch the pounds melt away.Your Guide to Prolean Synergy

The Synergy program is great because it’s available on a monthly basis. You pretty much subscribe to your coaching, which means you can stay on the program as long as you need to! This is truly a program that’s shaped to fit you and your goals instead of making you work on its schedule.

Now, Prolean success is available world-wide. Through the Synergy program, weight loss will come to you wherever you are!

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